Free member events 2019

Upcoming Monthly Member Events

Dates and times are subject to change – please refer to the email invitation for exact information.

Free monthly member events are suitable for all ages – mark your calendars! A small selection of library books will be available at each of these events. Non-member friends may join for a fee of €5 per child to cover the cost of materials and refreshments.

Refreshments provided but cakes and snacks always welcome! We welcome suggestions as well as parents willing to host events and workshops!

PLEASE RSVP to attend these events!

  1. Saturday, August 17th, Kelkheim Stadtbibliothek, 10h-12h

    • Welcome back event
      Join us for coffee and croissant, meet our new teachers and chat with other parents. Crafts for children.

  2. Sunday, September 22nd, Marxheimer Schule, 14h-17h

    • Apple harvest
      We will have delicious fresh apple juice from a local farmer to taste. Apple crafts, bobbing for apples and other fun apple-based games and fun. 

  3. Sunday, October 20th, Marxheimer Schule, 14h-17h

    • Halloween party
      Come dressed up in your scariest costume! Mini-haunted house and fun Halloween decoration crafts.

  4. Sunday, November 24th– Stadtbibliothek Kelkheim, Raum Gutenberg

    • St. Andrew’s Day
      We’ll learn about Scotland, the geography and tradtions. Come dressed in your favourite clan!

  5. Saturday, December 14th, Marxheimer Schule 14h-17h

    • Christmas party
      Join us for an ornament making fest and a surprise visitor! Mulled wine, warm punch and mince pies for the taste buds. 

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