Course Groups


Each course group follows a curriculum suited to student age and level. Each group level consists of two course terms, equivalent to one school year.










Ages 3-5 


We offer creative, fun, multi-sensory activities to build vocabulary and speaking skills and to encourage letter and word recognition. Children will enjoy developing skills through picture book readings, role play, songs, games and crafts. Soft introduction to pencil skills.


Ages 9-11


For primary school children with fluent reading skills (Oxford Reading Tree 8+). We focus on comprehension, ideas and fun writing activities. There will be plenty of student speaking and brainstorming time as well as hands-on activities.


Ages 6-8


We make learning fun for students with basic reading skills (Oxford Reading Tree 3+)! Children will learn letter and sound recognition and formation. They’ll start blending and recognising words. And they’ll love writing stories and learning new vocabulary words through games, songs and stories. 


Ages 8-11


Is your child fluent and a super strong reader? Do they love telling stories? Then this course is for them! We encourage writing and communication skills through in-role drama activities, storytelling and story-making.

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