About Alphabet e.V

Who we are

Alphabet e.V. is a non-profit organisation providing English language learning to both English native and non-native speaking children and teens through extra-curricular instruction and activities.

We are a team of parents dedicated to promoting English language literacy among children:

  • Martina Simpson, President

  • Jemma Schasse, Vice President

  • Anita Markota, Treasurer

  • Gilliane Feindel, Library Manager

Our Mission

Our mission is to create learning opportunities for children in English and support other parents in their effort to cultivate their children's English skills by teaching them to read and write and instilling in them a love of reading. 


Our Programme

Our programme offers extracurricular courses to English speaking children ages three to teen.


  • Our native speaker courses help children learn to read and write, and/or further develop literacy skills through our phonics and language programmes.


  • Alphabet workshops provide opportunities to creatively explore language arts, science, geography, history and art related topics.


  • Our free member events introduce children to fun and engaging themes through literature, group activities and crafts.


  • Alphabet's EFL courses provide children from non English-speaking families a fun and playful environment for learning English.

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