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Alphabet e.V. is a non-profit organization providing education opportunities to English speaking children through extra-curricular native tongue instruction and cultural activities in English. Since its establishment in 2012, our membership has grown to over 80 families with bi- and multlingual backgrounds. With members from Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and the greater Taunus region, we serve an extensive part of the Rhein-Main area with our unique program.


Alphabet e.V. was founded as a parents’ initiative in Kelkheim am Taunus, to support English speaking families in their common effort to maintain and cultivate their children's spoken and written English in and outside the home. Alphabet’s aim is to create and promote learning experiences to help children unfold their potential in the English language.


Alphabet’s course program is designed to foster the development of children’s reading and writing skills and to create further opportunities for their English language growth. Our courses and workshops put children in a native-speaker environment to interact with teachers and other children who speak English as a mother tongue and provide a framework for extending vocabulary and strengthening English language skills.


Alphabet also offers EFL courses for non-native speakers in which children learn English in a fun and playful manner. These courses are also taught by native speakers and expose children to a natural and authentic English language environment.


In addition to courses, the Alphabet program includes educational events and reading programs designed to motivate and guide young readers on the path to literacy.


With its Children’s English Library, Alphabet aspires to encourage young readers and generate interest in English literature. Our library currently contains over 1,700 books for children ages 3-16 with sections ranging from picture books to juvenile fiction and non-fiction books covering a variety of subjects.


Finally, Alphabet serves as a platform for parents to share information and find mutual support with issues that concern parents of bi- and multilingual children.



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